TRAM launches a solidarity video to support the Spanish Federation of Breast Cancer (FECMA), an agroupation of different entities fighting for the research and innovation in breast cancer care and the chronification of metastatic cancer. With this clip, the Tramvia team greets Christmas through social media and advertising supports at the stops and trams.

The donation of 10.000that accompanies the diffusion campaign will be destined for a breast cancer research grant that will support one of the projects presented this year by researchers from all over the state in the Fellowships of the Spanish Medical Oncology Society that will be made public during 2022.

As in recent years, the TRAM team was asked to propose projects for the Christmas solidarity cause to the Corporate Social Responsibility area and subsequently the projects were voted for the entire staff. Breast cancer was the one that won more votes.

In the video we can see 50 workers from all departments who have participated voluntarily.


Spanish Federation of Breast Cancer (FECMA)

One year more, TRAM links its Christmas greeting to a cause of solidarity. Last year, they supported the Amiotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ELA), in 2019, the 1.000 i una Nineka, ni un nen amb càncer association, in 2018, the Pasqual Maragall Foundation, in 2017, the campaign Aliança Humanitària per a l'Alimentació Infantil of Creu Roja in Catalonia; and, this year, the Tramvia team has chosen to help the Spanish Federation of Breast Cancer (FECMA).

ECMA is a federation of 45 different associations and over 42.000 breast cancer patients, who are working to fund and promote early detection and research of this disease. Patient’s associations focus their efforts on arriving to what public health cannot arrive by improving care quality and supporting the patients during the process and after the disease.

At the same time, FECMA claims the chronification of metastatic breast cancer that can last for years and affects all aspects of the patient’s life, as explained by Mari Carme in December's InfoTRAM.

TRAM is collaborating on the campaign led by the Eurofirms Foundation, #EquallyDifferents #EquallyProfessionals, to normalise disabilities through humour and respect, with comics by Javi Royo based on real situations people with disabilities experience.

The campaign aims, in a highly visual way, to promote sensitivity and raise awareness of the right way to treat and the terminology to use with people who have a disability. So, the artist has turned real situations experienced by Eurofirms Foundation users into comics.

Tramvia de Barcelona covered the costs to produce and put some of these comics on the seats and exterior of a tram on the Trambaix network, which will run between Plaça Francesc Macià in Barcelona and Sant Joan Despí now through International Disability Day on 3 December. Plus, to raise awareness of the campaign as much as possible this month, TRAM has shared the comics on its digital channels.

Each year, TRAM works with organisations that are focused on inclusion and normalisation for people with disabilities, emphasising International Day of People with Disability. These collaborations are part of the annual TRAM social responsibility plan that strives to give back to society part of the profits from its activities, which you can find at   

Eurofirms Foundation

Eurofirms Foundation works to normalise disabilities in society. In order to increase workplace insertion, the foundation carries out various actions designed to boost employment among people with disabilities and create more inclusive environments in workplaces. The foundation also provides companies with guidance on complying with the General Law on Persons with Disabilities and manages alternative measures, always geared towards fostering compliance through integration. Plus, it also offers a programme to help detect workers with disabilities within companies.

TRAM has renewed its collaboration agreement with the Altarriba Foundation to finance part of the Sense Sostre project, which covers the basic and health needs of homeless people’s pets living on the streets of Barcelona.

TRAM's financial contribution has made it possible to guarantee care for more than 50 animals for identification, vaccination, deworming, neutering and other interventions for a symbolic price or free of charge, as those responsible for them are people in vulnerable situations.

The organisation's volunteers also offer workshops and seminars in civic centres and in the street to inform about the basic general care of a pet and to provide information about their solidarity services.

The Altarriba Foundation has developed the project of the first solidarity veterinary centre for the animals of vulnerable people. It currently has two professional veterinary centres where the animals are cared for and also manages a shelter where they can be temporarily sheltered in case of need or to initiate the process of permanent adoption in the event of the death of the person responsible.

It should be remembered that winter is the worst time of the year for homeless people because they are exposed to low temperatures and the centres that can take them in at night do not let their pets in, a request that the Altarriba Foundation has also fulfilled for years. This means that many homeless people prefer to expose themselves to the elements, with all that this entails for their health and safety and that of their animals.

Tramvia de Barcelona is modifying service on line T4 of the Trambesòs network this Sunday 7 November for the Barcelona Marathon as it passes Avinguda Meridiana and Avinguda Diagonal.

Between 8:30 and 13:45 am, there will be no service at all on line T4. From 13:45 pm, service is expected to be running between Estació de Sant Adrià and Glòries, and from 14:30 pm, service should be restored between Glòries and Ciutadella | Vila Olímpica, once race management gives the all-clear.

While the line is affected, TRAM will increase service on line T6 so users can continue to get around the area. The rest of the tram lines, T5 on Trambesòs and T1, T2 and T3 on Trambaix, will continue to run on their normal schedule.

Remember, these times are approximate and will depend on the progress of the Barcelona Half Marathon and race management.

The exhibition “Banksy. The art of protest” at Disseny Hub Barcelona is hosting the Art al TRAM cultural project from Friday 12 November until 13 March 2022.

The third guest artist of the project, Javier Royo, is in charge of using his combative characters and simple lines to tell the story of the link between Art al TRAM and the world-renowned graffiti artist Banksy, who also dedicates his art to protest, social criticism and the fight against inequality.

Royo will scatter his sarcastic works along the entire entrance and exit wall to Banksy's exhibition and will divide the space with photographs and videos of the first two Art al TRAM projects.

The illustrator from Aragon who lives in Barcelona will draw part of his creation during the first days of the exhibition so that visitors can see and experience the process of live creation in contrast to the artist Banksy, who leaves his works all over the world without being seen.


Art al TRAM is an artistic intervention project at tram stops and trams in the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona to use art as a way of revitalising passenger spaces and making them friendlier places, as well as generating unique experiences for tram passengers.

This project began in 2020 when Iker Muro (Mur0ne) created a work of art at the Cornellà Centre stop, where the multiculturalism and diversity of the tram's users is represented over 1600 m2 through a set of intersecting face profiles that generate a sensation of movement.

It has continued this year 2021 with the mural work by Amaia Arrazola at the Besòs stop, where inclusive, diverse, contemporary and metaphorical characters share space with giant birds native to the Besòs area on the walls.


TRAM is taking part in the 48H Open House BCN festival for the fourth year in a row by opening the Trambaix depot next weekend, on 23 and 24 October. The visit will consist in a guided tour of the TRAM facilities in Sant Joan Despí, on Avinguda de Barcelona, s/n (corner of Rambla de Josep M. Jujol).

During the activity, organised specially for the 48H Open House BCN festival, participants will get to visit the depot, which has a maintenance, repair and cleaning area for the trams; the Control Centre, which monitors operations to ensure safe, quality service; and a tram, accompanied by four volunteers per group from the festival organisers. 

The best way to get there is tram line T2 to the Bon Viatge stop. Tours of the TRAM facility will be offered from 5 pm to 8pm on Saturday 23 October, and from 11:30 am to 2pm and 5pm to 8pm on Sunday 24 October. Other emblematic buildings in Sant Joan Despí that are open for the 48H Open House BCN festival include Torre de la Creu, Restaurant Follia, Can Negre, Can Codina and Can Tous, among other facilities and themed walks.

Since last year, TRAM also offers a 4-minute guided audio tour for visitors who want to learn more about the Trambaix depot from any location. It is available on the website

48h Open House BCN is an architecture festival that, for one weekend, opens the doors to over 220 emblematic buildings in Barcelona and the surrounding cities. The project, promoted by the eponymous association, is based around the pillars of volunteering, sponsorship and participation. The goal is to make architecture visible as one of the city’s most important cultural manifestations.