Access to the tram

  • Routes for blind people are indicated with irregular tiles that have a different surface at access areas to the double doors of the trams and ticket vending machines.
  • The door opening system is semi-automatic, electrically activated and at manual reach height of 117 cm.
  • Ticket-validation machines have visual and acoustic indicators to signal correct or incorrect validation.
  • There are no differences in level between the platform and the trams. TRAM is a 100% accessible means of transport for people with reduced mobility.

Door signalling

  • The button for opening the doors is at 117 cm, in the manual reach area.
  • Outside the trams, the buttons are highlighted in bright yellow and always easy to find. 
  • The button lights up when it is safe to open the doors.  
  • There are also acoustic and visual signals above the doors to indicate when they are about to close.
  • The double doors for people with reduced mobility to enter and leave are indicated inside and outside with international accessibility symbols.

Travelers area

  • Each tram has 8 seats adapted for people with reduced mobility in an area with a lot of space and no height limitations.  
  • Seats and spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility are indicated with comprehensible pictograms.
  • All trams have two areas with ischiatic supports, in compliance with the Accessibility Code. 
  • There is a space and safety belts for two wheelchairs in each tram.
  • There is also a space adapted for four bicycles in each tram.
  • Handrails and handgrips are uniformly distributed along the whole circulation area, so there will always be one within reach.
  • Vehicles have a non-slip floor covering, without sudden changes in height or ramps. 
  • Width in the circulation area is greater than the minimum required.

Information to the users

  • All the trams have an internal interphone system to communicate between users and drivers.
  • All the units have information about the line and destination externally, both on the front and the sides. 
  • The trams have an interior signalling system that informs on the next stop and which doors will be facing the platform.

The TRAM stops

  • Each stop has an interphone system to speak directly to TRAM control personnel, and this is 133 cm high.  
  • The name of the stop, on vinyl labelling on both sides, is readable from 40 m distance. 
  • Each stop has 4 printed information panels. Two panels in each direction.  
  • The longitudinal slopes of the ramps that link the stops with the road are compliant with the Accessibility Code of Catalonia. 
  • The platform is 140 cm wide, 90 cm without the sidewalk not recommended for transit, respecting, in any case, the Accessibility Code of Catalonia. 

Prioritisation of passage

  • The dimensions of the circulation space respect the minimum regulated passage width of 90 cm on platforms and 40 cm in the seating area.
  • Inside the trams, people who use a wheelchair can make a turning circle of 143 cm diameter or turn with 3 manoeuvres.  
  • The preferential area for people with reduced mobility is indicated with international accessibility symbols at stops as well as in the vehicles.

Ticket vending machines

  • Ticket vending machines have braille lettering for buttons and payment devices.  
  • Different flooring with striped tiles indicates the position of the vending machines for blind people.  
  • Ticket vending is available in 4 languages: Catalan, Spanish, English and French.