How can I pay the minimum fine?

In accordance with the applicable laws, a minimum fine of €100 must be paid within 30 days, with a reduction of 50% if it is paid immediately or within two working days of its issue.

The minimum fine can be paid (in cash or by bank card) via the following systems:

  • Visiting our TRAM offices (Requesting an appointment)
  • Through any ServiCaixa cashpoint
  • Via this website
  • By calling 900 701 181

Cases not resolved by payment of the fine will be transferred to the relevant administration for the corresponding processing.



Access the CaixaBank website, and go to the section for payment of taxes, bills, registration fees and fines

Make payment

Enter the information requested and you will find the bill for the fine.

Example: 9900099

Example: 63309900999
See bill details