TRAM will see a break in its service to make way for the 2019 World Roller Games Marathon on Sunday 14 July.

From 7:45 am until 12:15 pm, there will be no service at the stops on the T2 and T3 lines between Zona Universitària and Francesc Macià: Palau Reial, Pius XII, Maria Cristina, Numància, l’Illa and Francesc Macià.

The remaining stops on both lines will remain in service during the regular schedule and they will finish their journey at the Zona Universitària stop.

TRAM wishes to remind passengers that these times are only approximate and, in any case, it will depend on how the competition plays out and how it is organised.


For the Cruïlla Festival, service will be reinforced on Trambesòs line T4 from Wednesday 3 July at 5 am through Sunday 7 July at 12 midnight. This way, TRAM is helping facilitate the mobility of people attending this important music festival held in the Fòrum area of Barcelona.

Specifically, service on Wednesday 3 July will be extended, running from 5 am to 12:30 am; on Thursday 4 July, from 5 am to 2 am; and service will run non-stop on line T4 from Friday 5 July at 5 am to Sunday 7 July at midnight.
The timetable for T4, which runs from Sant Adrià to Ciutadella l Vila Olímpica, will be the same as usual up to midnight. After this time, the frequency of service will be every 20 minutes.

The additional service is possible thanks to a collaboration agreement with the organisers of this cultural event. Thanks to this agreement, for 4 days, there will be trams more often and double units at peak times when headliners start and finish their concerts.


With the slogan “Move the limits”, the TRAM Barcelona Open is celebrating its third edition of this International Wheelchair Tennis Tournament. The competition will be held from 26 to 30 June at the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona. This year, audiences can enjoy a competition that is bringing together a total of 40 male and female players, 15 of whom are in the international top 20.

The third edition of this tournament was unveiled today, Tuesday 25 June, at the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona with the presence of Miguel Díaz, president of the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation; Víctor Gené, member of the Tennis Section of the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona; Jose Coronado, director of the TRAM Barcelona Open; Martín de la Puente, the top player in the Spanish ranking and 12th-ranked worldwide; the tennis player Àlex Corretja, the tournament ambassador; and Natàlia Bettonica, director of the Step by Step Foundation.
After the presentation, a wheelchair tennis exhibition between Àlex Corretja and Martín de la Puente was held.

A global benchmark tournament

The TRAM Barcelona Open managed to rise to the ITF2 category last season, and this year gains momentum as one of the top tournaments worldwide. The goal of the organisers is to rise to the top international category within the next few editions in order to continue to attract the top players in the rankings and showcase the values that the tournament represents: overcoming obstacles, effort, sacrifice and perseverance. In fact, the TRAM Barcelona Open is one of the tournaments whose scores are counted in the preliminary classifying stages for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The third edition of the TRAM Barcelona Open will have a total of 40 participating players from 16 countries on four continents. These players include five ranked within the world top 10, two males, with the Japanese player Takashi Sanada (no. 9), winner of the previous edition, and the Dutch player Maikel Scheffers (no. 10); and three in the women’s category, with the Italian player Giulia Capocci (no. 4), the Dutch player Marjolein Buis (no. 5) and the English player Jordanne Whiley (no. 10). Ten of the participants are included in the international top 20, including the Spaniards Martín de la Puente (no. 1 in Spain and 12 worldwide) and Dani Caverszachi (no. 2 in Spain and 13 worldwide).

The competition will begin on Wednesday 26 June with the first rounds, which will last until Thursday. The quarter-finals and semi-finals will be held on Friday and Saturday, when the first final will be held in the doubles category. The tournament will end on Sunday with the individual finals for both men and women and the awards ceremony. On Saturday evening, there will be a banquet for all participants.
The TRAM Barcelona Open will be open to citizens free of charge so that anyone can come to the Royal Polo Club of Barcelona facilities to enjoy some of the top players on the world scene and learn first-hand about wheelchair tennis, a spectacular sport full of stories of recognition and personal growth.

The tournament has become one of the major annual events in adapted sports and has made the city of Barcelona one of the world wheelchair tennis benchmarks. TRAM, the Step by Step Foundation and the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona are the sponsors and partners of the TRAM Barcelona Open.

Wheelchair tennis: Sport and values

Wheelchair tennis is a spectacular, dynamic sport that has more than 1,000 players in the international ranking and 160 tournaments and 4 Grand Slams per year scattered around 40 countries on 4 continents. Its only difference from regular tennis is that in wheelchair matches the ball is allowed to bounce twice. Still, 80% of the players at these competition levels only use one bounce, and serve speeds can reach up to 150 km/h. Wheelchair tennis and basketball are the most professionalised adapted sports within the Paralympics.

The TRAM Barcelona Open is a tournament that stands out for dozens of stories of players overcoming personal and athletic obstacles. In this sense, the organisers are committed to convey to society the values of adapted sport and turn them into an educational tool for children. For this reason, during the course of the tournament, a series of parallel activities will also be held, including lectures, clinics and exhibitions.

In this sense, Jose Coronado, director of the TRAM Barcelona Open, has stated that “In this 3rd edition, the tournament wants to gain ground as the leading adapted sports event in the city of Barcelona. This is why we have striven to offer a tournament of the highest quality in which the values we represent are present throughout all 5 days of competition”.

The idea of holding an international wheelchair tennis tournament came to Jose Coronado five years ago. In 2007, Coronado suffered from a motorcycle accident which left him with a spinal cord injury that turned him into a wheelchair tennis player. Thanks to this, he was able to meet Johan Cruyff and get in touch with his foundation, and he earned a master’s in sports management. His Master’s final project suggested organising the first international wheelchair tennis tournament in Barcelona, which came to fruition in 2017 thanks to the backing of the Johan Cruyff Foundation and partners like TRAM and the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona, among others.


TRAM will be participating in the Fundació La Roda fair, La Tamborinada, this Sunday 2 June at Parc de la Ciutadella in Barcelona. This activity focuses on protecting the environment.

From 11 am to 7 pm, the activity is free and open to all, giving children and their families the chance to stamp canvas bags with different shapes and colours. Afterwards they can use the bag to buy bread and store it better at home. This activity at the TRAM space aims to get children and their families to reflect on using long-lasting reusable materials that replace single-use plastic or paper items, like the ones we use every day when buying bread. At the same time, personalising the bags will encourage the whole family to use them.

La Tamborinada has been held yearly since 1977, organised by the one thousand volunteers who belong to the Fundació La Roda member associations, with more than 30 workshops and over 20 theatre, entertainment, circus, magic, clowning and puppetry groups, plus a massive turnout estimated at roughly 70,000 visitors each year.

Throughout the day, at different points, La Tamborinada becomes a showcase for the entertainment sector geared towards children and young people. So, the La Tamborinada stages are found in large, open spaces such as Poble Espanyol, Parc de la Ciutadella, the Montjuïc fairgrounds, Park Güell and Plaça de l’Escorxador.

Fundació La Roda and TRAM

This is the second year in a row that TRAM is collaborating with Fundació La Roda to promote free environmental activities for children. In 2018, TRAM helped bring about the ReSíclem programme, a project promoted by Fundació La Roda that is based on using the performing arts and workshops as educational tools to get participants to adopt a participative approach to recycling, reuse and responsible consumption.

Fundació La Roda d'Accions Culturals i del Lleure is a non-profit organisation that aims to foster a social transformation in areas that need to work towards cohesion through culture. Since 1977, its actions have been carried out through 60 organisations in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area that are members of the La Roda als barris project: 26 in the city of Barcelona and others in 35 cities in Catalonia.



On the occasion of the Primavera Sound music festival, line T4 of the Trambesòs streetcar line will be running nonstop from Thursday 31 May at 5 am until Sunday 3 June at 12 midnight. In this way, TRAM will assist in the mobility of participants in this music festival, most of which is held in Barcelona’s Fòrum area.

The reinforced service stems from a partnership agreement with the event organisers which was renewed for the third year in a row. Thanks to this agreement, for four days there will be streetcars in line T4 running nonstop from the Sant Adrià station to Ciutadella - Vila Olímpica.

This line will run on its usual schedule, and after 12 midnight on Thursday and 2 am on the nights of Friday and Saturday, the streetcars will run every 20 minutes. At certain times, like when headlining concerts get out, twice as many streetcars will run in order to help the audience disperse.


TRAM is modifying its hours to make way for those participating in the DIR Guàrdia Urbana Diagonal 2019 race that will be held Sunday 27 May.

From 7:30 to 9 am, there will be no service on the Trambaix network to the stops between Ernest Lluch and Francesc Macià: Avinguda de Xile, Zona Universitària, Palau Reial, Pius XII, Maria Cristina, Numància, l’Illa and Francesc Macià.

On the Trambesòs network, from 8:30 to 10 am, the stops on line T4 between Glòries and Ciutadella - Vila Olímpica will be without service: Auditori - Teatre Nacional, Marina, Wellington and Ciutadella - Vila Olímpica.

Service should be running normally on the Trambaix network from 9:00 am and on Trambesòs, from 10 am. Trambesòs lines T5 and T6 won’t be affected by the DIR Guàrdia Urbana Diagonal 2019 race.

These times, however, are approximate and will depend on the progress of the race and its organisers.