TRAM has unveiled a mural for the fifth edition of Art al TRAM (TRAM Art) at the Sant Martí de Provençals stop on Trambesòs lines T5 and T6, with a mural by Elisa Capdevila. The event, held on Friday, was attended by representatives of the Autoritat del Transport Metropolità (ATM) and the Associació de Veïns de Sant Martí de Provençals, as well as the director general of TRAM, Humberto López Vilalta; the manager of TRAM, Xavier León, and the director of Rebobinart, Marc García.

The Barcelona-born artist has been depicting various tram users throughout the month of October, with their different bodies, clothing, lifestyles, ethnicities, ages and moods. The mural pays homage to the citizens and at the same time encourages curiosity and observation in a busy area.

On one of the walls, 3-metre high portraits form a collage of scenes with couples, people resting, reading, walking the dog, children laughing, people with reduced mobility or on bicycles. On the other side, the artwork plays with the windows as if they were showcases for objects that may or may not be related to the characters in front of them, as if it were a game.



Art al TRAM is an artistic intervention project curated by the urban art production company Rebobinart to use art as a way of revitalising passenger spaces on the tram and making them friendlier places, as well as generating unique experiences for passengers.
The initiative began in 2020 when Iker Muro (Mur0ne) created a work of art at the Cornellà Centre stop, where the multiculturalism and diversity of the tram's users is represented over 1600 m2 through a set of intersecting face profiles that generate a sensation of movement.

In 2021, it continued with the mural intervention by Amaia Arrazola at the Besòs stop, where inclusive, diverse, contemporary and metaphorical characters share a space with giant birds native to the Besòs area. The latest Art al TRAM interventions were carried out by the French artist Perrine Honoré and the Basque illustrator Javirroyo. Perrine worked on the TRAM offices in Barcelona with a mural evoking a sensory tram journey. With Royo, TRAM took part in the exhibition "Banksy. The art
of protest" at the Disseny Hub Barcelona, where the illustrator explained the relationship between the Art al TRAM project and the graffiti artist Banksy.

The cultural organisation Rebobinart has been working since 2012 to put urban art at the service of the social and cultural revitalisation of public spaces and the destigmatisation of the most elaborate expressions of urban art, an art form that has often been considered vandalism and invasive.