For yet another year, TRAM has carried out the Rider Satisfaction Survey to find out how riders rate the service. The results show that the rider's spontaneous satisfaction (Perceived Quality Index) of both networks continues to increase, with the score rising from 8.21 points in 2021 to 8.37 points.

When asked “What overall score would you give the current TRAM service on a scale of 0 to 10”, tram riders rate the service highly, with an average score of 8.43 points for the two networks.

Once again this year, the most highly rated aspect on the Trambaix network is the ease of access to the platform and trams. This year, service information (public address system, screens, signage, etc.) is the second most highly rated aspect, followed by the smooth and safe ride.

The most highly rated aspects in 2022 compared to last year were personal safety (travelling without incidents) and the way the validation machines inside the tram work.

As for Trambesòs, the most highly rated aspects were platform and tram accessibility, and quick travel time. The most highly rated aspects in 2022 were the way the validation machines inside the tram work, punctuality, and service information.


Average rider

The TRAM Rider Satisfaction Survey also shows the profile of the tram user: a woman (62% on Trambaix and 66.4% on Trambesòs) between 41 and 64 years of age (31.6% on Trambaix and 33.5% on Trambesòs), who lives in Barcelona (26.2% on Trambaix and 51.1% on Trambesòs) and using the tram regularly, once or twice daily (58.6% on Trambaix and 54.7% on Trambesòs), mainly for work reasons (66.4% on Trambaix and 64.8% on Trambesòs).

Moreover, 83.4% of Trambaix users and 81.1% of Trambesòs riders say that they have other transport alternatives but prefer to use the tram.

The study, conducted between 23 May and 8 June among a total of 2,310 people, provides annual information on riders’ opinions and their level of satisfaction. Thanks to this study, TRAM can detect attributes with lower marks and implement, if necessary, new improvements.