Barcelona's tramway is launching an anti-fraud campaign on Monday to raise awareness among public transport users about the need to validate their ticket on every journey. The campaign, entitled "Go on”, uses reverse psychology and gives the opposite instruction to the one expected. Moreover, it warns against the consequences of committing fraud, i.e. having to pay a fine of €100.

After two years of pandemic, the tramway is now approaching the 2019 validation data, which is why this campaign is being launched. Currently, 2.12% of the total number of inspections carried out in the first half of the year on the Trambaix network and 2.86% on the Trambesòs network resulted in a fine. Sanctions in the first half of 2019 out of the total number of inspections were 1.34% on the Trambaix and 1.90% on the Trambesòs.

The campaign will last one month and will be visible on the tram's offline and online supports: stops, trams, ticket validators, website and social networks. In addition, the campaign will be accompanied by an increase in inspections on both networks.