With the slogan Give the Best of Yourself Come to TRAMvida to donate blood, TRAM is offering a place where the Blood and Tissue Bank of Catalonia can attend to blood donors in a different space in the middle of the city. For the sixth year in a row, the ‘TRAMvida’ will be parked at the Francesc Macià station next Friday 23 September from 11 am to 8 pm.


More donations are needed to attend to patients

The campaign aims to continue to increase the number of blood donations and attract more volunteers.
Every day, 1,000 donations are needed to ensure that all those admitted to clinics and hospitals will have enough blood for their treatment. If we were to put all these people on a tram, we would need four or five trams full of donors.
Today in Catalonia there are just over 5,000 units of blood in reserve. The ideal would be to have around 8,000, which is why campaigns like this one should ensure that blood reserves are replenished and guarantee that everyone will have blood in case they need it.


COVID-19 safety measures

In order to avoid crowds at the station and inside the ‘TRAMvida’, this year we recommend making an appointment on the Blood and Tissue Bank of Catalonia website All donors must wear a face mask covering their nose, mouth and chin at all times.
To turn a tram into a donation centre, the bars, handholds and seats inside the vehicle have been removed, so the space was free to install the cots and fridges and provide space for both blood donors and healthcare staff.


Give the best of yourself

It is worth remembering that voluntary and altruistic blood donation is the only way to obtain the blood needed to care for those who are ill. Blood can be donated more than once a year: for women up to three times and for men up to four times a year.
At least three people benefit from each blood donation, as red blood cell concentrates, platelets and plasma are obtained during the processing of each bag. All these blood components expire after a few days, which is why it is necessary to give blood on a regular basis.
The TRAM blood donation campaign is being carried out once again this year with the collaboration of the Department of Health of the Government of Catalonia, the Blood and Tissue Bank, the Metropolitan Transport Authority and Alstom. All donors on the tram parked at Francesc Macià will receive a single ticket for two journeys and a gift from TRAM.