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Users of the tram and public transport in general should behave respectfully toward the tram and other passengers.
The passenger is responsible for knowing the terms of use regarding the correct ticket required to travel and appropriate behavior when using the tram.

Terms of Use


Always purchase a ticket and validate it before boarding the tram

  • - Even if it’s your first journey.
  • - Even if it’s a short journey.
  • - Even if the tram is full.
  • - Even if you have a travel card with a time limit (T-Dia, T-50, T-Mes, T-Trimestre, T-Familiar, T-Jove, tourist travel cards).
  • - Even if you transfer from another mode of transport.

tram within your reach

Travel with your dog on TRAM

  • - Only one dog per person is allowed; dogs must be muzzled and kept on a lead. Access to them is restricted on rush hours.
  • - From 11 September to 24 June, dogs are not allowed on the tram between 7.00 and 9.30 am nor between 5.00 and 7.00 pm.
  • - At weekends and on public holidays, dogs are allowed at any time, also from 24 June to 11 September.
  • - The person travelling with a dog is responsible for the dog’s behavior. Owners must ensure that the dog causes no risk or inconvenience to the other passengers nor block the doors or passing areas.


A non-transferable travel card is valid only for the cardholder

  • - Do not give your travel card to someone else.
  • - Cooperate with the inspector and show your ID along with the validated ticket.
  • - Remember that you must validate your travel card and keep it until you leave the platform at your destination.

An inspector will apply the following laws if you don’t validate the travel card, if the travel card is invalid or if you break one of the Rules:



  • Allow other passengers to exit before boarding.
  • Purchase tickets at the stops or at points of sale before boarding. Travel cards are not sold on the trams.
  • Get on or off the tram when the door button is lit.
  • Always validate your ticket when boarding, even if you transfer.
    Keep your ticket until you leave the platform.
  • Adapted door.
  • Please cooperate with our inspectors; they are in a position of authority and act in accordance with the law. 
  • Children under four travel free. The minimum fine for travelling without the correct ticket is 100 euros.
  • No not use sound reproduction devices; only personal sound production devices with earphones may be used.
  • Hold the handrail if standing.
  • Drinking alcohol on the tram is prohibited.
  • Only one dog per person is allowed; dogs must be muzzled and kept on a lead. Access to them is restricted on rush hours. Look at Terms of Use.
These brief rules will help all passengers enjoy their journey more

Together we can have a friendlier TRAM.

For a friendlier TRAM

Give your seat to passengers with special needs, do not bother others with loud music, do not smoke or drink alcohol, do not put your feet on the seat, do not spill or throw things on the floor…

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