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The tram
Length: 32 metres
Width: 2.65 metres
Speed: 70 km/h
Doors: 12
Maximum comfort


The stop

Emergency intercom

The speaker can communicate with the Control Center (PCC) and resolve questions or issues about the tram

Ticket vending machine


1. Select the type of ticket you want on the touch screen.

2. Select the number of zones.

3. Select the number of tickets you want to purchase.

4. Pay.

Accepted payment methods:

- Credit cards

- Coins: 0.05 €, 0.10 €, 0.20 €, 0.50 €, 1 € i 2 €

Information panels

All the information about the tram network and public transport

Screen with upcoming stops

Information about the line, the destination and the waiting time for the next tram

The tram

Maximum comfort

We’ve taken care of all the details so that you can travel in maximum comfort.

Ticket validation machines

Accessible ticket validation machines with visual and audible feedback.


The intuitive opening system makes these doors easy to use for all passengers.


Equipped with safety features (photocells and sensors that detect closing force), detectable buttons with visual feedback (the button lights up when a stop is reached) and a tactile warning system via audible and visual signals when the doors are about to close.

Back support

Racks you can lean against in the area reserved for people with reduced mobililty.

Wide spaces

Wide spaces to move around that respect the minimum passage width (40 cm between seats).

No sharp drops, ramps or steps.

Interior screen

Passenger information screens that display the line and upcoming stop.

Passenger information

Passenger information posters with the network’s route (lines, stops, transfers), information on how to validate a ticket, information on the intergrated network, etc.


These posters can be found in a number of different locations inside the trams.

Emergency handle

Mechanically unlocks the door and immediately alerts the conductor via an audible and visual alarm.

Terms of Use

Poster that summarizes the TRAM’s Terms of Use.

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