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The TRAM is firmly committed to quality, safe, accessible, modern and environmentally-friendly public transport. Transport for all citizens and whose employees strive daily to provide better service.

2000. Construction works awarded

The ATM awards the contract to Tramvia Metropolità –TRAM

2001. June

Construction begins

2004. 3 April

Trambaix begins operating (1st phase)

2004. 8 May

Trambesòs begins operating (1st phase)

2008. June

The T6, the last Trambesòs line, begins operating.

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  • Barcelona TRAM

    The TRAM and the environment

    The TRAM is a sustainable mode of transport that helps to improve our citizens’ quality of life. Since it runs on electricity the TRAM doesn’t generate pollution or noise and it takes up less public space than other modes of transport.
    The TRAM is the mode of transport that consumes the least energy in Barcelona; running on rails consumes ten times less energy that transporting the same weight on tires. Moreover, the tram motors generate energy that is used by other trams when they brake, which results in a very low rate of energy consumption.

  • tram and technology

    Technological innovation

    At the TRAM we continually work to improve efficiency and safety and to provide better service. For this reason technological innovation forms part of our day-to-day, as we continually develop new projects that help to provide quality service for our passengers.
    The TRAM has developed various projects that relate to our two strategic lines: safety and operations and energy efficiency. The TRAM has also participated in innovative projects both nationally and on a European level.

  • the tram and children


    We care about the future and about education, which is why we provide a range of educational activities for schools, with adapted subjects and levels for children in nursery through high school.
    The TRAM promotes responsible attitudes to build a more democratic, civil and environmentally-friendly society: these are the inherent values of public transport. TRAM provides all schools with the chance to participate in educational activities that teach these subjects, either on-site or through online resources.



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