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What are the TRAM’s terms of use?

Always validate your ticket when you ride the tram (even when you transfer) and make sure you’ve done so correctly, let passegners exit the tram before getting on, give your seat to passengers with special needs, no travelling with pets except for guide dogs and animals in suitable carriers, cooperate with inspectors, do not disturb other passengers with sound reproduction devices, no alcoholic beverages, no smoking...check all TRAM general rules here.

I represent an organisation and would like to visit the tram’s facilities. What should I do?

You only need to fill out the form that you’ll find in the Visit the TRAM section. You call also call the TRAM Education Service at 934 369 080.

How can I recover property lost on the tram or at the stops?

Any belongings found on the trams or at the stations will be taken to the Citizen’s Information Office. Please call  900 701 181 or fill out the Lost Property form.


How can I make a suggestion, complaint, or simply ask for information?

You can use this website: fill out the Questions and Suggestions or the Complaints and Claims form (with link). If you prefer you can also call us free at 900 701 181. 


Can my dog ride with me on the tram?
  • Only one dog per person is allowed; dogs must be muzzled and kept on a lead. Access to them is restricted on rush hours.
  • From 11 September to 24 June, dogs are not allowed on the tram between 7.00 and 9.30 am nor between 5.00 and 7.00 pm.
  • At weekends and on public holidays, dogs are allowed at any time, also from 24 June to 11 September.
  • The person travelling with a dog is responsible for the dog’s behavior. Owners must ensure that the dog causes no risk or inconvenience to the other passengers nor block the doors or passing areas.

Can I take my bicycle on the tram?

Yes, as long as the tram’s capacity permits it at the time. Avoid peak hours. There are spaces reserved for bicycles inside the tram.

Can more than one person use the T-70/30 travelcard?

Yes. Mulitple passengers can use the T-70/30 to make 70 integrated journeys on all modes of transport depending on the zones travelled (zones 1 to 6). Valid for 30 days from the first validation.

Can more than one person use the T-50/30 travelcard?

No. The T-50/30 is non-transferable and only the holder can make 50 integrated journeys on all modes of transport depending on the zones travelled (zones 1 to 6). Valid for 30 days from the first validation.

Can I make various transfers with the same ticket?

Yes, but there are differences between a single and integrated ticket.
- With a single ticket: You can make transfers between Trambaix lines T1, T2 and T3 and betweenTrambesòs lines T4, T5 and T6 within 30 minutes of the first validation. The ticket must be validated at each transfer. Single tickets purchased for the Trambaix cannot be used for the Trambesòs, and vice versa.
- With an integrated ticket: The integrated tickets allow up to three transfers in a single journey. The ticket must be validated at each transfer. For tickets with a time limit the maximum time for transfers is an hour and 15 minutes for tickets for zone 1. The time limit is increased by 15 minutes for each additional zone.

Which travel card is the cheapest?

It depends on the number of journeys you make a month:
Less than 40 journeys a month >>>>>>>> T-10 Travel card
Between 40 and 80 journeys a month >>>>>>>> T-50 Travel card
More than 80 journeys a month >>>>>>>>>> T-Mes Travel card

How much does a single TRAM ticket cost?

A single tickets costs 2,20 euros. This ticket is not integrated and can only be used on the network for which is was purchased.

Can I used the FCG’s Rosa and Pensionistes travel card on the TRAM?

Yes. The T4 and T-Rosa Metropolitana and the FGC’s T-Pensionista and Passi Pensionista can be used to travel on the TRAM. 
For more information or to request a card please contact:
- T4 and T-Rosa Metropolitana: 900 70 00 77
- FGC T-Pensionista and Passi Pensionista: 012



What travel cards cannot be purchased from the vending machines located at the TRAM stops?

Although they are valid for travel on the TRAM, the travel cards that cannot be purchased at our stops are:

  • Special travel cards: T-Rosa, T-Rosa Metropolitana, T-4, FGC T-Pensionista, FGC P. Pensionista, Passi d’acompanyant.
  • Single-parent or large-family travel cards: T-FM/FN 70/90, T-Trimestre FM/FN, T-Jove FM/FN
  • Tourist travel cards: Barcelona Card; 2,3,4,5-Dies
  • Other travel cards: T-Escolar, T2-Comerç, T-12 (to request the T-12 please contact your local City Council or call 010).


Does the tram belong to the ATM integrated fare system?

Yes. Both tram networks are integrated into zone 1 of the ATM (Autoritat del Transport Metropolità) fare system network and the integrated transport travel cards are valid for use in this zone.


What should I do if I have problems purchasing a ticket at a vending machine at one of the TRAM’s stops?

Call SOS immediately. Our control center is on hand to help you 24 hours a day.


Can I pay for tickets in cash at the vending machines at the TRAM stops?

No. For security reasons you can only pay for the tickets with change or by credit card.

Is there a customer service telephone number?

Yes. You can call 900 700 181 free of charge from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in July and August).

Where can I buy travel cards for the TRAM?

In the Points of Sale section you can search for the nearest point of sale. In general, you can by travel cards at:

- Vending machines at TRAM stops
- Vending machine at other transport operators: TMB, Rodalies Renfe, FGC
- Tabacco shops
- Newsstands
- La Caixa offices
- Barcelona Tourism Offices

When do TRAM networks run?

Weekdays (from Monday to Friday), Sunday and holidays: from 5:00 a.m. to midnight
Fridays, Saturdays and the night’s before holidays: from 5:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.
New Year’s Eve, Saint John’s Eve and the night before 24 September: service begins at 5:00 a.m. and continues uninterrupted throughout the night
Christmas Eve: from 5:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

How can I pay the minimum fine (penalty)?

Payment can be made within 30 days of receiving the fine through the following methods:

  • On our website
  • At Customer Service offices
  • At ServiCaixa cashpoints



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