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Get on the tram and help to improve the environment

With the ecoCalculator we show you that, using TRAM, you are helping to improve the environment of Barcelona and its metropolitan area. Choose your route and you will see that the tram is one of the most modern and sustainable public transport.

TRAM contributes to the fight against climate change

Any vehicle with combustion engine emits CO2, which is the main pollutant gas responsible of climate change. Being a 100% electric vehicle traction, TRAM is a transport system that does not generate direct emissions in urban areas; only generated in the power plant that produces the energy used.

1 tram

carrying 30 people on average:

50,283 gr CO2/km and user

1 vehicle

carrying 1,6 people on average:

122,62 gr CO2/km and user

TRAM contaminates less

Any vehicle with combustion engine emits NOx and particulate matter (PM10), which are the main contaminants directly affect health. Being a vehicle with 100% electric traction, TRAM contributes to improving the quality of life of people.

1 tram

carrying 30 people on average:

0,034 g NOx/km and user

0 g PM10/km and user


carrying 1,6 people on average:

0.034 g NOx/km and user

0 g PM10/km and user

To get an idea of what is the pollution in Barcelona and its metropolitan area, who have a data: citizens breathe 292kg of suspended particulate (PM10) every year.

TRAM saves energy

The technology that equips the entire TRAM network makes its energy consumption very efficient; in addition, during braking the engines of a tram generate electricity that take advantage of other trams.

1 tram

carrying 30 people on average:

0,1665 kWh/km and user

1 vehicle

carrying 1,6 people on average:

0,4986 kWh/km and user

TRAM improves circulation

A tram can carry more than 200 passengers, as many as 3 buses or 174 cars*.

*Average occupation of a vehicle: 1.6 people. Source: EMEF, 2015

TRAM is safer

According to a study by the UITP (International Union of Public Transport), traveling by tram is six times safer to do it in private vehicles.

To travel by tram

6 times

Source: Light Rail Transit. A state means of transport. UITP, 2014

TRAM saves money

For the traveler, the cost of going by tram is significantly lower than the costs of moving and maintaining a private vehicle*. Therefore, to make the same journey, if you travel by tram, you save money.

Distance Trambaix (15,1 km)

0,50 €**
5,842 € saving

Distance Trambesós (14,1 km)

0,50 €**
5,422 € saving

*Direct cost of private vehicle: 0,42 €/km. Source: ATM

** We apply to TRAM the weighted average tariff, the average price paid by each user for using it (combination of T10, Tmes...). Source: ATM

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