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  • More than 4,000 students from 90 centres participate in ‘TRAM, un mitjà d’educació’ project

    The educational project entitled “TRAM, un mitjà d’educació” (TRAM, a means of education) has reached a total of 4,066 people in the 2016-2017 school year, mainly from educational centres and centres for the elderly in the cities in the Barcelona tram area of influence. This is the tenth year in a row TRAM has organised and offered this educational programme, in order to teach participants how the tram works and have them reflect on civic-minded behaviours and environmental issues associated with getting around on public transport. 
    The project, which is offered through the TRAMeduca service, took place from October 2016 through July 2017 and featured a total of 176 on-site activities at the depots in Sant Adrià de Besòs (94 activities) and in Sant Joan Despí (82 activities). Over the course of the 2016-2017 school year, a total of 90 educational centres participated in the project: 9 nursery schools, 38 infant and primary schools, 28 secondary and baccalaureate schools, 6 special education schools, 2 after-school programmes and 7 centres for the elderly.

    Participants in this tenth edition came from the cities of Alella, Badalona, Barcelona, Blanes, Cornellà de Llobregat, l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Mataró, Montgat, Olot, Premià de Dalt, Sant Adrià de Besòs, Sant Andreu de la Barca, Sant Boi de Llobregat, Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Sant Joan Despí, Sant Just Desvern, Terrassa and Vilassar de Mar.

    New on the programme of activities for the 2017-2018 school year
    The programme of activities the TRAMeduca educational service is offering for the upcoming school year, which are free and led by specialised monitors, includes two noteworthy changes: the guide for secondary school research papers and an activity on environmental education and mobility in the schools. The full offering for 2017-2018 is as follows:

    • Mira el TRAM (Look at the TRAM - 2-6 years old). Through a story and a short tour of the depot, the children discover how Tramvia de Barcelona works.
    •  Investiga el TRAM (Research the TRAM - 6-8 years old). The children become researchers, discovering and learning about the tram through a game of questions and clues. 
    •  Viu el transport públic (Experience public transport - 8-10 years old). To learn about the most important aspects of public transport and the importance of civic-mindedness and respect on public transport.
    •  Aventura’t al TRAM (Adventure on the TRAM - 10-12 years old). A simulation of planning and taking a journey on the tram that also promotes self-sufficiency and proper behaviour on public transport.
    •  TRAMsporta’t (TRAMsport yourself - 10-12 years old). Several activities to compare different transport options from an environmental standpoint, focusing on air and noise pollution, efficiency and sustainability. 
    •  I tu, què en penses? (And what do you think? - 12-16 years old). To reflect on the different public transport options available and the specific characteristics of the TRAM, emphasising issues of safety and respect in public spaces. 
    •  L’energia del TRAM (The energy of the TRAM - 12-18 years old). Activity that allows the students to discover the tram from an environmental and technological perspective, with the option to also visit the Besòs combined cycle power plant on the same day.
    • La Guia del Treball de Recerca del TRAM (TRAM research paper guide - 16 years old). 14 proposals in five main areas for educational centres, with guidance for students learning about and doing research into the tram (www.trameduca/treball-de-recerca).

    Other TRAMeduca services and activities

    • El TRAM com a transport escolar (TRAM for school transport). Service to support school groups using the tram to do activities outside their centre. 
    •  SuperTRAM. Joint visit to TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio, using the TRAM to move between these two headquarters of the Catalan Media Corporation.
    •  El nostre TRAM (Our TRAM). Activity for seniors (over 65 years old) to look at the steps to take in a tram journey, emphasising safety, self-sufficiency, orientation and prioritising use of the tram as an accessible, safe public transport option. 

    Activities with seal of educational quality
    The TRAM programme of activities through the TRAMeduca service comes with the Segell de Qualitat Educativa from the University of Barcelona Institute of Education Sciences (ICE). This seal of quality is part of the accreditation project promoted by the ICE and the Barcelona City Council Consell de Coordinació Pedagògica.


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  • TRAM launches Eco-calculator to show each trip’s ecological footprint


    TRAM has launched its new Eco-calculator, an app designed to show Barcelona tram riders the environmental, energy-related and financial advantages of using one of the most modern, sustainable means of transport in the city. With this system, the Eco-calculator will provide information on the TRAM’s ecological footprint, energy saved and emissions for each journey the user looks up on the timetable search engine on the website or app. This way, users can see the benefits of choosing the tram over their private vehicles, with comparative graphs.


    The Eco-calculator shows the advantages of riding the tram and is value added for TRAM users through this new function tied to searches that can be done on the website or the mobile app (TRAM Barcelona). The new Eco-calculator function, which was created with climate-change and mobility experts, uses algorithms that directly correlate the user’s journey with the ecological footprint of a car and the tram.


    Among other information, the app takes into account that a car emits twice as much CO2 and 100 times as much air pollution per kilometre and user. With these figures alone, the TRAM Eco-calculator shows that the tram produces less than half as much pollution as a private vehicle, even though it can transport up to 30 more people on average per journey.

    Sample journeys analysed with the Eco-calculator
    To use the Eco-calculator, first search for information on the lines and timetables on the TRAM website or mobile app. After you’ve chosen the journey details, the results will be shown with a drop-down graph of the environmental information.

    Sustainable mobility on the tram

    The TRAM is one of the most sustainable urban transport options available today: it uses less energy and doesn’t pollute or make noise, helping improve quality of life in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area.
    The tram public-transport network in Barcelona has 56 stations on 6 lines with a total of 29 km of dedicated rails. The 41 modern trams used on the TRAM lines can carry up to 218 people (64 riders in seats and 154 standing) and feature efficient emissions-free technology to generate power when they brake, which can also be used by other trams.

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  • TRAM Barcelona Open - Johan Cruyff Foundation brings 1st International Wheelchair Tennis Tournament to city

     The TRAM Barcelona Open - Johan Cruyff Foundation is the 1st International Wheelchair Tennis Tournament and will take place in the city over 4 days starting on 29 June. A project born from the desire to raise awareness of wheelchair tennis in Barcelona, with the aim of becoming a benchmark on the world circuit for this sport, so that the main values the event represents, such as inclusiveness, equality and personal development, can be shared by players, organisers, fans, sponsors, collaborators and volunteers. 
    The tournament will be held at the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona, which will host several events associated with wheelchair sports from 28 June to 2 July. The matches will be broken down into three categories: men, women and quads (players whose disability also affects their upper limbs). In total, 39 players from 14 different countries will take part in the TRAM Barcelona Open - Johan Cruyff Foundation. These include: 9 Spanish players, 15 players that are among the top 50 in the world in their respective categories, and players from the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Paralympic games.

    The slogan for this event is “Push the limits”, as a tribute to pushing oneself to do the very best, which in this case is reflected in participating players. Thanks to the support from TRAM de Barcelona, the Johan Cruyff Foundation and the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona, as well as all the institutions, sponsors and collaborators, the TRAM Barcelona Open - Johan Cruyff Foundation has forged synergies between wheelchair tennis, the values it promotes and the city of Barcelona. A city considered a global benchmark in the world of sport, with many events among which the TRAM Barcelona Open - Johan Cruyff Foundation hopes to stand as the big yearly adapted-sport event.

    Johan Cruyff Foundation
    The Johan Cruyff Foundation was created in 1997 from the wish of its founder: to make sure no child is excluded from sport, regardless of their social situation or functional diversity. With the aim of inclusion and equality, the Foundation adopts sport as the universal language that doesn’t distinguish based on origin, culture, religion or capacities, and as a means through which children can improve their physical fitness, develop social and personal skills, and improve their quality of life. With this goal, the foundation promotes sport through different projects, like the Cruyff Courts, Schoolyard 14 or sports projects for children with disabilities. Twenty years after it was started, the Foundation is a global benchmark in promoting sport for children with disabilities and at risk of social exclusion. As of 2016, Johan is no longer with us, but his mission remains: to improve children’s quality of life through sport.

    TRAM Barcelona
    TRAM Barcelona is a public transport company that manages the two tram lines in the Barcelona Metropolitan Region and strives to do so as efficiently as possible, offering its riders the best possible service to get around quickly, comfortably and safely. It is the most accessible form of public transport and is always working to improve accessibility for those with reduced mobility. One of its goals is to build users’ confidence to help them overcome adversity and push the limits. Additionally, the group is committed to sustainability from an environmental, ethical and social standpoint. This has led TRAM to participate actively in initiatives in line with its principles and values, as part of its Social Responsibility policy and commitment to society. 
    Real Club de Polo de Barcelona
    The Real Club Polo de Barcelona is one of the most important sports clubs in Barcelona and in Spain. It is a non-profit organisation founded in 1897 with 29 hectares in the centre of Barcelona where its more than 10,000 members can participate in 5 disciplines (tennis, dressage, hockey, polo and padel). Its mission is to foster, develop and practice physical activity and sport in these 5 disciplines, in which it is currently affiliated with the respective federations. At the same time, it promotes and participates in social and charity initiatives that encourage the values it was founded on, such as sportsmanship, tolerance, friendship and good coexistence. This year the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona is celebrating its 120th anniversary with a clear commitment to the TRAM Barcelona Open - Johan Cruyff Foundation.
    José Coronado
    Wheelchair tennis player and director of the TRAM Barcelona Open - Johan Cruyff Foundation. José Coronado suffered a spinal injury in a traffic accident 10 years ago. That was when he discovered adapted sport and decided to try wheelchair tennis, which became an essential tool in his recovery process. José Coronado has been one of the sports ambassadors of the Johan Cruyff Foundation for the past 5 years. As a result, in 2015 he was granted a scholarship to do a Master in Sports Management at the Cruyff Institute. As a result of this training and one of the projects he did for the degree, he came up with the idea for the 1st International Wheelchair Tennis Tournament in the city of Barcelona. After a year and a half of work, this dream has come true with the TRAM Barcelona Open - Johan Cruyff Foundation.

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  • Trambesòs sees 14.6% more passengers during Primavera Sound



    Roughly 160,000 people used TRAM line T4 during the Primavera Sound festival, held at the Barcelona Forum from Wednesday 31 May to Sunday 4 June. This is 14.6% more tickets validated than the average for this May.

    In absolute numbers, Barcelona tram line T4 saw 20,358 more passengers than the average for the month of May 2017, and 4,543 more passengers than it did during the Primavera Sound 2016 festival. Plus, on Friday 2 June, the TRAM hit a new all-time record of 40,562 passengers, more than any other business day since the Trambesòs network went into service.



    Tickets validated on T4 Trambesòs - Primavera Sound 2017


    May 2017

    PS 2016

    PS 2017

    Increase PS 2017

    vs average May 2017

    Increase PS 2017

    vs PS 2016






    31 May









    1 June









    2 June









    3 June









    4 June

















    By hours, the biggest increase in tickets validated came between 5 pm and 9 pm, followed by the morning periods. From Wednesday 31 May to Sunday 4 June, service on TRAM line T4 was running for three days straight. One of the most noteworthy aspects of this extra service for the Primavera Sound festival were the double trams, used just after the most popular concerts.


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  • TRAM and ATM launch campaign to raise awareness of staff’s work


    TRAM and ATM, the Metropolitan Transport Authority, have launched a campaign to raise awareness of all the work Barcelona tram employees do, which has a direct impact on safety and quality for riders.


    This initiative is in response to the perceptions expressed in the TRAM’s yearly user-satisfaction surveys. Although the average mark is high (7.5 out of 10), the survey shows that most people who ride the Barcelona tram aren’t aware of all the work that goes into ensuring that riders are safe, installations are working properly and everything is ready to go.


    In order to showcase this work and raise awareness of the people behind each ride on the Barcelona tram, the campaign stars real TRAM employees. A representative selection of real testimonials was chosen from among the “many people who make it possible”. In fact, the various materials created feature drivers, inspectors, customer service agents and security, maintenance and control-centre staff. In total, 11 workers participated, representing the 338 people who work for the TRAM.


    With the slogan "There are a lot of unseen people behind your trip" (There are a lot of unseen people behind your trip), the campaign offers stories based on real situations in which TRAM staff are key in ensuring riders’ wellbeing while on the Barcelona tram. The advertising agency responsible for the campaign is Matèria Creativa, with creative director David Ruano, and actress Carme Elies did the voice-over for the video, which you can see now at www.tram.cat/persones.


  • TRAM thanks all users for civic-minded behaviour with campaign of video taken with hidden cameras


    TRAM is launching a new civic-mindedness campaign with the slogan "Perquè tu ens importes, les persones primer" (Because we care about you, put people first), thanking riders for their civic-minded behaviour. The third edition of the Barcelona tram’s civic-mindedness campaign thanks all of the users that are civic minded and give up or set aside seats for users that deserve special consideration. The new campaign hopes to reach riders that are less civic-minded by suggesting a change in their behaviour.

    With the slogan "Gràcies per fer del tramvia un espai mes humà còmode i segur" (Thanks for making the tram a more human, comfortable and safer place), TRAM has created a positive message to deal with situations in which people are not as civic-minded on the Barcelona tram, while also highlighting that most users don’t have this problem. In this regard, there are four groups of people who deserve special consideration while travelling on the tram, and public transport in general: the elderly, pregnant women, people with reduced mobility and people with small children.

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  • All-time record number of riders using TRAM Barcelona network

    The Barcelona TRAM transported at total of 26.8 million passengers in 2016, an all-time record that is 5.5% more than the previous year. Specifically, there were 17.7 passengers on the Trambaix network (up 4%) and more than 9.1 million riders on the Trambesòs network (up 8.6%).

    The data obtained over the past year, in addition to showing that the TRAM hit the 26-million-passengers-per-year mark for the first time ever, shows an upward trend, taking into account that the average number of passengers on a working day consolidated its place around the 100,000 mark in October.


  • TRAM expands peak-hour service on lines T1, T2 and T3 from 1 February

    TRAM is modifying service on Trambaix lines T1, T2 and T3 from 1 February to improve service from 5 pm to 8 pm Monday to Thursday, adopting peak-hour service like that currently in place between 7 am and 10 am, down from 5 to 4 minutes. This new Trambaix service aims to adapt the Barcelona tram offering to demand and will be available throughout the year, except during the month of August when the T1 line is also out of service, as it is covered by line T2.

    This measure, approved by the Autoritat del Transport Metropolità (Metropolitan Transport Authority), is the result of a study conducted by the TRAM regarding Trambaix service over the past three years, from 2014 to 2016. The TRAM analysed how Trambaix ridership has evolved on weekdays. The study showed an important increase in passengers between 5 pm and 8 pm, similar to but not quite reaching the levels seen in morning peak hours, and that the service provided in the month of August is unwarranted by the number of users that month, as it has previously been the same as the rest of the year.


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