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Find out everything that is happening with TRAM. Here you can get all the news on TRAM developments and changes in service, our projects, our charity initiatives and every else about the tram.

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Press releases
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  • TRAM will offer a nonstop service on the nights of Primavera Sound

    On the occasion of the Primavera Sound music festival, line T4 of the Trambesòs streetcar line will be running nonstop from Thursday 31 May at 5 am until Sunday 3 June at 12 midnight. In this way, TRAM will assist in the mobility of participants in this music festival, most of which is held in Barcelona’s Fòrum area.

    The reinforced service stems from a partnership agreement with the event organisers which was renewed for the third year in a row. Thanks to this agreement, for four days there will be streetcars in line T4 running nonstop from the Sant Adrià station to Ciutadella - Vila Olímpica.

    This line will run on its usual schedule, and after 12 midnight on Thursday and 2 am on the nights of Friday and Saturday, the streetcars will run every 20 minutes. At certain times, like when headlining concerts get out, twice as many streetcars will run in order to help the audience disperse.


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  • Change in TRAM service to make way for DIR Guàrdia Urbana Diagonal race

    TRAM is modifying its hours to make way for those participating in the DIR Guàrdia Urbana Diagonal 2019 race that will be held Sunday 12 May.

    From 7:30 to 9 am, there will be no service on the Trambaix network to the stops between Ernest Lluch and Francesc Macià: Avinguda de Xile, Zona Universitària, Palau Reial, Pius XII, Maria Cristina, Numància, l’Illa and Francesc Macià.

    On the Trambesòs network, from 8:30 to 10 am, the stops on line T4 between Glòries and Ciutadella - Vila Olímpica will be without service: Auditori - Teatre Nacional, Marina, Wellington and Ciutadella - Vila Olímpica.

    Service should be running normally on the Trambaix network from 9:00 am and on Trambesòs, from 10 am. Trambesòs lines T5 and T6 won’t be affected by the DIR Guàrdia Urbana Diagonal 2019 race.

    These times, however, are approximate and will depend on the progress of the race and its organisers.


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  • TRAM supports Red Cross #EncaraNo campaign

    TRAM is collaborating with the Red Cross #EncaraNo campaign with a donation of €10,000 and the use of the organisation’s trams and media channels.

    In May and June, one tram on the Trambaix network and one on the Trambesòs network will be travelling the Barcelona Metropolitan Area with the image of the #EncaraNo campaign, which shows that there is still work to be done in the fight against poverty by erasing letters from words: educa_ió (education), sal_t (health), menj_r (food), etc. Also, the TRAM social media and communication channels will share the audiovisual materials throughout the campaign in order to reach as many people as possible.

    The Red Cross launched its #EncaraNo campaign to fight the chronification of poverty in July 2018 because, despite the economic recovery and job creation, 64% of the people they help still have basic needs that go unmet due to chronic poverty, a situation that persists this year and two of the previous three years. Most people in this situation are families with dependent children, single-parent families, lower-class workers and over-60s.

    TRAM worked with the Red Cross previously to create a solidary video to support Aliança Humanitària per a l’Alimentació Infantil (Humanitarian Alliance to Feed Children) for Christmas 2017. Sharing this video on social media, which starred celebrities from different fields of art, culture and sport, as well as Tramvia de Barcelona employees, helped fight childhood poverty in Catalonia. Each time the video was played, Tramvia de Barcelona donated €0.50 to the Red Cross of Catalonia "Donem-li la volta" campaign [www.donenmlilavolta.org].


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  • TRAM to increase service on line T4 during Feria de Abril

    TRAM will increase service on line T4 in the Trambesòs network for Feria de Abril de Catalunya, which runs from this Friday, 26 April through 5 May in the Fòrum area.

    There will be additional trams on T4 in the evenings and nights of 26, 27, 28 and 30 April and 1, 3, 4 and 5 May, between 8 pm and midnight, running every 10 minutes.

    So, once again this year, TRAM is adapting its service to riders’ needs on these days so they can get to the Feria de Abril from anywhere in the city with public transport.


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  • For Sant Jordi, TRAM is giving out a book of short stories by 15 renowned authors

    Coinciding with the 15th anniversary of the tram, TRAM is celebrating Sant Jordi this year by giving riders a collection of 15 short stories by 15 renowned authors. On the holiday, 10,000 copies will be given out to riders on both tram networks: Trambaix and Trambesòs.

    The book, published by Editorial Mediterrània, features works by authors Blanca Busquets, Bel Olid, Alejandro Palomas, Anna Manso, Marta Orriols, Jordi Nopca, Adrià Pujol Cruells, Care Santos, Màrius Serra, Tina Vallès, Josep Pedrals, Llucia Ramis, Najat El Hachmi and Sílvia Soler, and illustrator Juanjo Sáez.

    To put together the book, the authors were asked to contribute a story that would take about 10 minutes to read, which is the length of the average tram journey. In terms of theme, TRAM gave the participating authors total freedom, ensuring a diverse, inclusive selection of points of view.
    The book of short stories, called "Deixa que et portin" (Let them take you), hopes to accompany riders on their journeys using public transport with stories of time travel, wedding dresses, families torn apart, a cat that rules the roost and bearded men.

    After Sant Jordi, when all the exclusive printed copies will be given out, the selection of short stories will be available in a non-editable format on the www.tram.cat website.


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  • Escribà Pastry Shop makes tram Mona for 15th anniversary

    Through Monday 22 April, anyone can come by Escribà pastry shop on Barcelona’s Gran Via to see the TRAM Mona (traditional Easter cake) celebrating the 15th anniversary of Tramvia de Barcelona this April. The chocolate sculpture, which is 1.2 metres tall, shows the driving cabin and two and a half tram cars, with typical Easter chicks for the passengers.

    In the days after Easter, Tram will donate the Mona to the children at the Fundació Bayt Al-Thaqafa centre in Barcelona. This non-profit foundation welcomes immigrants and helps them become fully fledged citizens, without sacrificing their own identity,fostering exchanges and dialogue among different cultures (www.bayt-al-thaqafa.org).

    For the tram’s 15th anniversary, as part of the "Compromesos amb tu TRAM a TRAM" campaign, TRAM will donate this 15-kg chocolate replica and 30 hours of volunteer work to Fundació Bayt Al-Thaqafa. One of the trustees of this organisation is the Brothers Hospitallers of Saint John of God, which TRAM has collaborated with for years.


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  • “Compromesos amb tu TRAM a TRAM”, celebrating 15 years of the metropolitan tram in Barcelona

    This Wednesday, TRAM wants to reward its riders’ loyalty by surprising them with some gifts. From 12:30 pm, starting at Francesc Macià, and from 4:30 pm, starting at Glòries, people who approach the designated TRAM staff will get tickets for two to the theatre.

    This is the first of a series of actions TRAM is organising to show its commitment to the people who have believed in this quality, clean, sustainable mode of public transport for the past 15 years. Throughout 2019, there will be other activities for the team that, day after day, makes the tram possible and for the institutions that have supported the implementation and growth of this mode of transport.

    These actions are grouped under the umbrella of the "Compromesos amb tu TRAM a TRAM" campaign, which will be applied in various formats, including trams sheathed in vinyl, posters at the stops, special content on the website and social media, and a video. The graphic image reflects the passing of the years, showing a tram passenger and her reflection in the tram window fifteen years ago, as a metaphor for time passing and the perception that ‘time flies when you’re having fun’, in this case enjoying the ride and the mode of transport itself: the tram.


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  • ATM and TRAM to participate in Barcelona Bicycle Festival this Sunday

    Metropolitan Transport Authority (ATM) and TRAM will be taking part in the Barcelona Bicycle Festival this Sunday 24 March on Passeig de Lluís Companys, with a booth featuring activities for the whole family.

    From 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, visitors will be able to play "Memory", matching concepts and parts or facilities in the tram network and the trams. This activity aims to raise awareness of safe mobility and foster respectful co-existence of sustainable modes of urban transport, such as the tram and bicycles.

    ATM and TRAM will also contribute a T-trimestre pass to the draw organised by the Bicycle Festival, which anyone who comes to the festival can enter.

    The day will kick off with a popular bicycle ride leaving from the intersection of Carrer Aragó and Carrer Roger de Flor at 10 am.

    The ride will disrupt service on line T4 of the Trambesòs network between Glòries and Ciutadella l Vila Olímpica from 10 am to 12 pm.

    TRAM reminds riders that these times are approximate and will depend on the progress of the ride, its organisers and any instructions given by the Guàrdia Urbana.


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  • TRAM moves to the rhythm of trap in new civic-mindedness campaign

    Today, TRAM is launching its new civic-mindedness campaign targeting younger riders, with a figure that is ever-present in their studies (Kant) and a style of music that can surely be found on their playlists (trap music).

    The video has drawn inspiration from the trend of juxtaposing classical elements with urban music. Interpreting Kant’s categorical imperative to the rhythm of trap music and with the audiovisual language of trap music videos refreshes the narrative. Plus, seeing classic figures behaving in a more alternative way, outside of their traditional framework, is sure to make young riders pay more attention.

    The video, which will be available on social media and Tramvia de Barcelona’s own channels, was produced jointly by Paradise Falls and Christian Flores.


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  • TRAM service affected by Zurich Marató Barcelona

    Tramvia de Barcelona is modifying service on line T4 of the Trambesòs network this Sunday 10 March for the Zurich Marató Barcelona.

    Between 8:30 am and 1:45 pm, there will be no service at all on line T4. From 1:45, service should be running to the Glòries stop, and from 2:30 pm, service will be available to Ciutadella | Vila Olímpica, meaning the whole line will be operating as usual.

    During the marathon, the shuttle bus covering the route of lines T5 and T6 between Can Jaumandreu and Glòries due to the works on the tunnels under Plaça de les Glòries will run as usual.

    Remember, these times are approximate and will depend on the progress of the Zurich Marató Barcelona and race management.


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  • Service on TRAM line T4 affected by Barcelona Half Marathon

    Tramvia de Barcelona will modify service on Trambesòs line T4 this Sunday 10 February for the Barcelona Half Marathon, as the route runs along Avinguda Meridiana and Avinguda Diagonal.

    From 7:45 to 11:50 am, there will be no service on line T4. From 11:50 am to 12:20 pm, trams should be serving stops between Estació de Sant Adrià and Glòries, and from 12:20 pm, service should resume between Glòries and Ciutadella | Vila Olímpica, once the organisers have brought the race to a close.

    TRAM reminds riders that these times are approximate and will depend on the progress and organisation of the Barcelona Half Marathon.

    Additionally, service remains cut on lines T5 and T6 between the Glòries and Can Jaumandreu stops due to works on the tunnels under Plaça de les Glòries. The alternate shuttle bus route will also be affected by the Half Marathon, travelling between Glòries and Can Jaumandreu along Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes and from Can Jaumandreu to Glòries around Plaça de les Glòries on Carrer Independència, Carrer Aragó and Carrer Castillejos.

    The other lines in the tram network, Trambaix T1, T2 and T3, will run on their normal schedule.


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  • TRAM service cut between Glòries and Can Jaumandreu stations due to works on the tunnels at Plaça de les Glòries

    Works in the tunnels at Plaça de les Glòries are affecting TRAM service in this area of the city. So, on 27 January, when the Can Jaumandreu stop will be re-configured to act as a provisional terminal station, tram service will be cut between Glòries and Sant Martí de Provençals. And, from 28 January through the end of April, service will be cut between Glòries and Can Jaumandreu.

    In order to minimise the effect on riders, the Barcelona City Council, with the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ATM) and TRAM, have come up with an Alternative Transport Plan to get users to their destination as quickly and easily as possible. The plan includes a shuttle bus covering the route of the lines affected.

    Impact on tram network

    The TRAM service cut between the Glòries (Meridiana-sud) and Can Jaumandreu (Gran Via -Rambla del Poblenou) stations will affect traffic in both directions on TRAM lines T5 and T6. Line T4, which also serves the Glòries stop, won’t be affected and will continue serving its normal route between Ciutadella|Vila Olímpica and Estació de Sant Adrià.

    So, TRAM lines T5 and T6 will not serve the Glòries and La Farinera stops and Can Jaumandreu will become the terminal station for trams to change directions instead of continuing on to Glòries. On business days, this will affect roughly 4,900 tram riders.

    Alternative Transport Plan

    The route and stops for the shuttle are:
    From Glòries to La Farinera

    • Leaving the Glòries station (intersection Meridiana-Encants in the bus lane at Plaça de les Glòries)
    • Bus lane at Plaça de les Glòries to intersection with Av. Diagonal
    • Along the tram rail line
    • Stop at the platform going towards Besòs at the La Farinera TRAM stop

    From La Farinera to Can Jaumandreu

    • Leaving the La Farinera station
    • Side lane of Gran Via to Rambla del Poblenou
    • Stop at the Can Jaumandreu station in the area with two lanes in the side lane at the Gran Via/Rambla del Poblenou intersection

    From Can Jaumandreu to Glòries

    • Leaving the stop at Rambla del Poblenou
    • Merging into the side lane of the C-31/Gran Via to turn on Carrer Bilbao
    • Carrer Bilbao to Carrer Tànger
    • Carrer Tànger to Meridiana
    • Turn on Meridiana and continuing until the area closed to traffic, stopping between the Glòries TRAM and Metro stations

    Users must punch their tickets on the shuttle, just as if they were taking the tram. The ticket machines at tram stops without service will continue working. The shuttle will run the same hours as the tram service.

    So, users travelling in this area who are affected by the service cuts have the following options:

    • TRAM T4 for journeys between Glòries and the stations on T6 in Sant Adrià de Besòs.
    • Bus H12 and Metro L2 for journeys between Glòries and the Tram stations on Gran Via and the T5 stations in Sant Adrià de Besòs and Badalona.
    • Special shuttle between Glòries, La Farinera and Can Jaumandreu stations.

    On 27 January, the Can Jaumandreu stop will be set up as a terminal station with only one working platform. This means that service will be cut all day on Sunday from Sant Martí de Provençals to Glòries to adapt this station. From 28 January to the end of April, there will be no service between Glòries and Can Jaumandreu.


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  • TRAM sets new record with over one million more trips than in 2017

    Tramvia de Barcelona did more than 29 million trips in 2018, an all-time record and up 4.03% from the previous year. Specifically, there were 29,086,261 trips: 19,059,687 on Trambaix (up 4.6%) and 10,026,574 on Trambesòs (up 3%).

    The data compiled from last year, in addition to showing that TRAM is about to hit 30 million trips per year, show an upward trend, with ticket validations rising more than one million a year every year since 2013.

    Since TRAM was launched in 2004, more than 334,768,810 passengers have ridden the tram in Barcelona. The Trambaix network, with three lines (T1, T2 and T3) and 29 stops, has been used by 227 million riders since it began operating. The Trambesòs network, which also has three lines (T4, T5 and T6) and 27 stops, has been used by over 107 million passengers.

    The Trambaix network began service on 3 April 2004 and the Trambesòs network on 8 May that same year. The number of trips taken on Tramvia de Barcelona has grown steadily since it went into operation, with the only exceptions being 2010 and 2012.


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