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Find out everything that is happening with TRAM. Here you can get all the news on TRAM developments and changes in service, our projects, our charity initiatives and every else about the tram.

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  • TRAM reinforces its service for La Mercè Festival

    On the occasion of La Mercè Festival in the city of Barcelona, the TRAM will provide nonstop service on lines T2, T3, T4 and T5 from 5 am on Friday the 21st to 12 midnight on Monday the 24th of September. In this way, the TRAM is offering its users additional rides to make it easier for them to travel during the nights of La Mercè Festival which, just like every year, has activities scattered at different points around the city.

    Between 2 and 5 am, the T4 line will run every 20 minutes, and the T5 line will run every 30 minutes on the Trambesòs. On the Trambaix, the frequency of service will be every 15 minutes on the main line. Lines T1 and T6 will provide service at their usual times.

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  • The TRAM educational service reaches a record number of students with more than 4,200 in academic year 2017-2018

    The educational programme called "TRAM, a means of Education" reached a total of 4,202 people in academic year 2017-2018. They mostly came from schools and senior citizen associations in the towns within the area of influence of the Barcelona tramway. This is the eleventh consecutive academic year that TRAM has organised and offered this educational project with the goal of teaching the participants about how the Tram works and getting them to reflect on attitudes of civic pride and environmentalism related to travelling on public transport.

    The project, which is offered by the TRAMeduca service, took place from October 2017 to July 2018 with a total of 178 in-person activities in the Sant Adrià de Besòs depot (82 activities), the Sant Joan Despí (82 activities) and 10 schools. In academic year 2017-2018, a total of 91 centres participated in the educational project: 9 nursery schools; 38 early-childhood and primary schools; 28 secondary, baccalaureate and vocational education schools; 11 special education schools; 4 recreational centres; and 1 senior-citizen organisation.

    In this eleventh edition, the participating centres were located in the towns of Badalona, Barcelona, Cornellà de Llobregat, Gavà, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Mataró, Mollet del Vallès, Montgat, Olot, Sant Adrià del Besòs, Sant Andreu de la Barca, Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Sant Joan Despí, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Terrassa and Vilassar de Mar.

    Schedule of activities for academic year 2018-2019

    The complete list of activities for academic 2018-2019 is as follows:

    • Look at the TRAM (2-6 years old). The children get to see how the Barcelona tramway works through a story and a brief tour of the depot.
    • Investigate the TRAM (6-8 years old). The children become little investigators: they discover the Tram through a game with questions and clues.
    • Experience Public Transport (8-10 years old). To learn about the most salient aspects of the Tram and the importance of civic, respectful attitudes in public transport.
    • Embark on the TRAM (10-12 years old). To simulate planning and travelling on the tramway and work on personal autonomy and proper behaviour on public transport.
    • TRAMsport Yourself (10-12 years old). A variety of activities to assess different means of transport from an environmental standpoint based on factors like air and noise pollution, efficiency and sustainability.
    • So What do You Think? (12-16 years old). To reflect on the importance of having public transport and the specific characteristics of the Tram, as well as to spotlight the factors of safety and respect for public spaces.
    • The Energy of the TRAM (12-18 years old). An activity to learn more about the Tram from an environmental and technological perspective, with the possibility of complementing it with a visit to the Besòs Combined-Cycle Power Plant.

    As a new offering this year, an explanatory syllabus and higher-level questionnaires have been added, targeted at students with a keen interest in technology who are channelling their education towards this field.

    • The TRAM Research Guide (16 years old). Fourteen proposals classified into five overarching themes to serve schools, along with a service to assist students in the learning and research process regarding the Tram (www.trameduca/treball-de-recerca).

    Other services and activities of TRAMeduca

    • The TRAM as School Transport. This service supports the transport of groups of schoolchildren on the Tram to make it easier for them to engage in activities outside the school.
    • SuperTRAM. A combined tour of the TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio facilities using the Tram as the means of transport which joins the two sites of the Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation.
    • Our TRAM. An activity for individuals over the age of 65 which covers all the steps a person has to take when moving around the city with the Tram, stressing safety, autonomy, orientation and preferential use of the Tram as an accessible and safe public transport.

    Activities with the educational quality seal

    The TRAM offers its schedule of activities within the TRAMeduca service with the Educational Quality Seal of the Institute of Educational Sciences (ICE) of the University of Barcelona. This quality seal is part of a project to accredit educational activities, and it is spearheaded by the ICE and the Pedagogical Coordination Council of the Barcelona Town Hall.


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  • TRAM offers non-stop service during Cruïlla festival

    For the Cruïlla Barcelona Summer Festival, Trambesòs line T4 will be providing non-stop service from Friday 13 July at 5:00 am to Sunday 15 July at 12 midnight, and will offer extended service on Thursday through 2:00 am. This way, TRAM is making it easier for those attending this important musical festival to reach the Fòrum de Barcelona.

    The extended service is possible thanks to an agreement reached with the organisers of this cultural event. As a result of the agreement, over the four days of the festival, there will be more trams and double-convoys at peak hours, when headliners start and finish their concerts.

    Line T4, which runs from Sant Adrià to Ciutadella - Vila Olímpica, will operate on its normal schedule and from 12 midnight on Thursday and 2:00 am on Friday and Saturday, there will be a tram every 20 minutes.


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  • TRAM Barcelona Open, 2nd International Wheelchair Tennis Tournament, is back

    With the slogan "Mou el límit" (Push the limits), the TRAM Barcelona Open is back. The 2nd International Wheelchair Tennis Tournament will take place at the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona from tomorrow 27 June through 1 July. The main sponsor for this edition of the event is Tramvia de Barcelona with collaboration from the Step by Step Foundation and the "la Caixa" Banking Foundation. The tournament will feature 40 players of 16 nationalities, 16 ranked among the TOP30 in the world.

    The TRAM Barcelona Open was presented today, Tuesday 25 June at the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona, with Director of the Catalan Sports’ Council Toni Reig, Barcelona Regional Council Delegate for Sport Maria Teresa Fandos, Barcelona City Council Commissioner for Sport Marta Carranza, TRAM President Felip Puig, member of the RCPB Board of Directors and Head of the Tennis section Javier Moreno, Director of the Commercial and Educational Department at the "la Caixa" Banking Foundation Xavier Bertolín, tennis player Alex Corretja, and Director of the TRAM Barcelona Open Jose Coronado.

    Just after the presentation, there was a wheelchair tennis exhibition featuring tennis players Alex Corretja, Sergi Bruguera, Martín de la Puente and Dani Caverszachi (ranked 1 and 2 in Spain, respectively).

    Global benchmark tournament

    In this latest edition, the TRAM Barcelona Open has moved up into the ITF2 category of the International Tennis Federation, and hopes to raise awareness of wheelchair tennis with matches, exhibitions and various parallel activities in order to become the benchmark tournament on the Uniqlo Wheelchair Tennis Tour. The final will take place the morning of Sunday 1 July and will hopefully be just as exciting as last year’s match.

    Wheelchair tennis is a spectacular, dynamic sport, with more than 1,000 players on the international ranking and 160 yearly tournaments in 40 countries on 4 continents. The only difference from standard tennis is that the ball can bounce twice in wheelchair tennis. Nevertheless, 80% of players at this level of competition only let it bounce once and can serve at up to 150 km/h. With the TRAM Barcelona Open, the Catalan capital, considered a global benchmark for sport, will become the home of adapted sport for five days.

    Jose Coronado came up with the idea of holding an international wheelchair tennis tournament four years ago. Previously, in 2007, he had a motorcycle accident that injured his spinal cord and left this tennis player in a wheelchair. As a result, he ended up meeting Johan Cruyff and started working with his foundation, finally doing a Master in Sports Management. His final project for the degree proposed an international wheelchair tennis tournament in Barcelona, a dream that came true in 2017 thanks to the support of the Johan Cruyff Foundation and collaborators like the TRAM and the Real Club de Polo, among others.

    The TRAM Barcelona Open is open to the public at no charge in order to promote the values it represents: inclusiveness, equality and personal development. The event recognises the drive of all participants to push their personal limits. All of the players at the event have an incredible story of overcoming challenges in their personal lives and in sport. The matches are divided into two categories: men’s and women’s.

    Step by Step Foundation is a non-profit organisation focused on rehabilitation for people with neurological conditions affecting the central nervous system. It was born out of the personal experience and needs of its president Federico Crespo, who has a spinal injury caused by a car accident. The Foundation aims to give those with spinal injuries and other neurological conditions physical therapy based on quality personalised treatment that allows doctors to monitor an efficient rehabilitation process that helps improve their quality of life.

    Real Club de Polo de Barcelona is one of the most important sports clubs in Barcelona and in Spain. It is a non-profit organisation founded in 1887 with 29 hectares in the centre of Barcelona where its more than 10,000 members can participate in 5 disciplines (tennis, dressage, hockey, polo and padel). Its mission is to foster, develop and practice physical activity and sport.

    At the same time, it promotes and participates in social and charity initiatives that encourage the values of sportsmanship, tolerance, friendship and good coexistence. The Real Club de Polo de Barcelona is once again committed to supporting the TRAM Barcelona Open in this second edition.

    TRAM is a public transport company that manages the two tram lines in the Barcelona Metropolitan Region and strives to do so as efficiently as possible, offering its riders the best possible service to get around quickly, comfortably and safely. It is the most accessible form of public transport and the most highly rated according to the ATM Workday Mobility Survey (Enquesta de Mobilitat en Dia Feiner - EMEF).

    One of its goals is to build users’ confidence to help them overcome adversity and push the limits. The TRAM Barcelona Open is one of the most important Corporate Social Responsibility projects the tram participates in, as part of its annual Social Responsibility policy, supporting an initiative that promotes equality, inclusiveness and personal development.

    "la Caixa" Banking Foundation is the largest foundation in Spain and one of the leading foundations in the world. For 2018, the foundation has increased its budget for welfare projects to €520 million. Since the beginning, the "la Caixa" Foundation has been firmly committed to promoting self-reliance among individuals with disabilities.
    Specifically, through sport it promotes social inclusion, along with values like overcoming personal limits, teamwork and healthy habits.


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  • Trambesòs breaks the record for trips during Primavera Sound

    Trambesòs TRAM network has registered 160,715 trips during the 5 days of the Primavera Sound festival, held in Barcelona’s Fòrum area from Wednesday, May 30 to Sunday, June 3. This number represents a 13.68% increase in validations with respect to the average of those obtained during the same period in May.

    In absolute numbers, Trambesòs has registered an increase of 19,336 trips compared to the average in May 2018, and an increase of almost 1,000 trips with respect to the previous edition of the Primavera Sound festival, which also broke a record. In addition, on Friday, June 1, TRAM registered a record of 40,929 trips with respect to the average validations of a working day since Trambesòs opened.

    Regarding times, the most important validation increments were registered between 4 pm and 8 pm. From Wednesday, May 30 to Sunday, June 3, the T4 TRAM line service has been in operation for four days. Among the most notable aspects of the service reinforcement carried out on the occasion of the Primavera Sound festival, the use of double trams stands out, coinciding with the end of the most popular concerts.


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  • TRAM will offer a nonstop service on the nights of Primavera Sound

    On the occasion of the Primavera Sound music festival, line T4 of the Trambesòs streetcar line will be running nonstop from Thursday 31 May at 5 am until Sunday 3 June at 12 midnight. In this way, TRAM will assist in the mobility of participants in this music festival, most of which is held in Barcelona’s Fòrum area.

    The reinforced service stems from a partnership agreement with the event organisers which was renewed for the third year in a row. Thanks to this agreement, for four days there will be streetcars in line T4 running nonstop from the Estació de Sant Adrià station to Ciutadella Vila l Olímpica.

    This line will run on its usual schedule, and after 12 midnight on Thursday and 2 am on the nights of Friday and Saturday, the streetcars will run every 20 minutes. At certain times, like when headlining concerts get out, twice as many streetcars will run in order to help the audience disperse.


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  • Change in TRAM service to make way for DIR Guàrdia Urbana Diagonal race

    TRAM is modifying its hours to make way for those participating in the DIR Guàrdia Urbana Diagonal 2018 race that will be held Sunday 27 May.

    From 7:45 to 9 am, there will be no service on the Trambaix network to the stops between Ernest Lluch and Francesc Macià: Avinguda de Xile, Zona Universitària, Palau Reial, Pius XII, Maria Cristina, Numància, l’Illa and Francesc Macià.

    On the Trambesòs network, from 8:30 to 10 am, the stops on line T4 between Glòries and Ciutadella - Vila Olímpica will be without service: Auditori - Teatre Nacional, Marina, Wellington and Ciutadella - Vila Olímpica.

    Service should be running normally on the Trambaix network from 9:00 am and on Trambesòs, from 10 am. Trambesòs lines T5 and T6 won’t be affected by the DIR Guàrdia Urbana Diagonal 2018 race.

    These times, however, are approximate and will depend on the progress of the race and its organisers.


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  • TRAM increases service of T4 line during Feria de Abril at Forum

    TRAM will reinforce the service of the Trambesòs T4 line on the occasion of the Catalonia April Fair, which will be held from Friday, April 27 until May 6 in the Forum area.

    T4 trams will run more frequently during the evenings and early mornings of April 27, 28, 29 and 30 and May 1, 4, 5 and 6, between 9 pm and midnight.


    Thus, one more year, TRAM adapts its service to the needs of the public, who will be able to get to the April Fair on public transport from anywhere in Barcelona during those days.

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  • Tram riders to receive more than 1,000 books thanks to agreement between Abacus Cooperativa and TRAM

    Abacus Cooperativa will be giving out 1,000 books and first chapters to TRAMbaix and TRAMbesòs riders on 19, 20 and 21 April. The copies will be distributed by the characters Ms Trama and Mr Abacusí, whose mission is to encourage people to read on public transport. These characters will be on the TRAM covered in vinyl decorations -the #llibreriatramabacus- and interact with passengers while giving out books.

    This action aims to bolster the cultural, educational and leisure consumer experience. The books that will be given out are by various authors, some newly published and some from the archives. The copies Abacus will be giving out have been provided in collaboration with publishing houses RBA, Anagrama, Ara Llibres, Amsterdam, Penguin Random House, Grupo Planeta and Grup 62.

    "With this initiative, Abacus aims to encourage people to read," explained Maravillas Rojo, president of Abacus Cooperativa. The TRAM says "This sort of collaborations, which help promote reading among the general public, are good for everyone: the authors, booksellers and public transport users, who can enjoy a good book on their trip. Plus, here at TRAM we like to be part of cultural initiatives," explained Humberto López Vilalta, TRAM general manager.

    Innovative mobile bookshop to celebrate Sant Jordi

    As part of the Sant Jordi festivities, on 23 April, Abacus Cooperativa and TRAM are presenting a mobile bookshop on one of the TRAMbaix vehicles. This unique tram set up as a bookshop will be parked all day at the Francesc Macià TRAM stop to give authors and readers a unique experience, sharing opinions on a sofa. Anyone interested in meeting the authors can purchase a book inside the #llibreriatramabacus. A whole new literary experience in Barcelona for Sant Jordi.

    During the festivities, there will be authors signing books on the tram, including Dulcinea, Sílvia Soler, Gaspar Hernández, Maria del Mar Bonet, Javier Marías, Elisenda Rovira and Juan Francisco Ferrándiz. The authors will be signing books from 11 am to 2 pm and 5 pm to 8 pm.

    This literary action on the TRAM is part of the #somllibres (we are books) campaign. With the Manifest that Abacus has published for this Sant Jordi, the coop is sharing its commitment to reading as a vehicle for change and its drive to remain a benchmark bookshop.

    About Abacus Cooperativa

    Founded in 1968, Abacus is a community of more than 900,000 purchasing members and 560 working members, grouped under a coop model. They strive to change the cultural, educational and leisure consumer experience. Abacus is committed to dynamising the region with its 48 establishments in Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands. The coop is a benchmark that seeks to strike a balance between the social and economic impact of its activities, with a firm commitment to equality, participation and sustainability.

    Abacus is a founding member of the Grup CLADE, the first Catalan cooperative business group. This year, the coop is celebrating its 50th anniversary through cooperative culture, education and leisure.

    About TRAM

    TRAM operates two tram networks (Trambaix and Trambesòs) that have served 9 cities in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area since 2004: Barcelona, Badalona, Sant Adrià de Besòs, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Esplugues de Llobregat, Cornellà de Llobregat, Sant Joan Despí, Sant Just Desvern and Sant Feliu de Llobregat.

    With 6 lines and 56 stops, last year more than 28 million individuals rode the TRAM. It is the most highly rated form of public transport by riders, according to the working day mobility surveys (Enquesta de Mobilitat en dia Feiner - EMEF) conducted yearly by the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ATM).


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  • TRAM and ATM hold ‘La TRAMa’ online collective short-story contest

    TRAM and ATM are holding the fifth edition of La TRAMa, an online contest for collective short stories in Catalan. Tramvia de Barcelona riders can sign up and help write a group story begun and led by renowned writers: Pau Joan Hernàndez, Gemma Lienas, Lolita Bosch, Yannick Garcia and Najat El Hachmi.

    The La TRAMa contest is looking for 150 book-loving tram riders over 18 who are interested in helping write a collective short story. Registration for the contest opens on 20 April on the TRAM website. The contest will take place from 4 to 30 May. To participate, just choose one of the stories and make sure you’re available to collaborate online.

    The only requirement for the stories is that the tram must be the backdrop of the plot, directly or indirectly. One way or another, the tram must be in all of the stories, as a part of the narration.

    From the initial paragraphs written by five professional authors, participants will create 15 different stories. Each of the stories will be written by a group of 10 coauthors, with the writer participating on equal footing. The challenge is for all the members of the group to come up with a cohesive story, together. At the end, the best of the 15 stories will be chosen. Participation in the fifth annual La TRAMa 2018 literary contest is free of charge and open to 150 participants, 10 per story.

    The La TRAMa 2018 contest is organised and managed by Quatre Ratlles, a company that specialises in online team story-writing, which is also responsible for the technological side of the game.

    Awards for all participants

    The awards, which will be presented at a ceremony on 21 June in Barcelona, include:

    • For each of the 10 co-authors of the winning story. A T-Trimestre travel card for zone 1, valued at €145.30; entry in a draw to win an electric bike; a 3-hour onsite course at Laboratori de Lletres (‘Imagina i escriu’ - Imagine and write); a notebook and 25% off any course at Laboratori de Lletres.

    • For all contest participants who write at least one valid section: a T-10 travel card; 20% off any course at Laboratori de Lletres; and a one-month subscription to the full digital version of the newspaper ARA.


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  • ATM and TRAM to participate in Barcelona Bike Festival this Sunday

    The Metropolitan Transport Authority (ATM) and TRAM will participate in the Barcelona Bike Festival this Sunday 15 April on Passeig Lluís Companys, with a booth and family-orientated activities.

    From 9.30 am to 2.30 pm, there will be a matching game to identify concepts related to the tram network and vehicles. This activity aims to encourage safe mobility and civic-minded co-existence among different sustainable modes of transport, such as the tram and cycles.

    ATM and TRAM will also donate a T-trimestre pass for the draw held as part of the Bike Festival, which all participants are invited to enter.

    The day will kick off with a popular bike ride leaving at 9 am from Carrer Aragó with Carrer Roger de Flor.
    The cycling circuit will run along Carrer Aragó, Plaça Espanya, Avinguda Paral·lel, Carrer Floridablanca, Ronda Sant Antoni, Plaça Universitat, Carer Pelai, Plaça Catalunya, Carrer Fontanella, Plaça Urquinaona, Carrer Trafalgar, Passeig Lluís Companys, Carrer Comerç, Passeig Picasso and Passeig Pujades, Carrer Marina, Carrer Pallars, Carrer Badajoz, Carrer Almogàvers and Carrer Roger de Flor, Avinguda Vilanova, Passeig Sant Joan and Passeig Lluís Companys, which will be the end of the route.

    Due to the bike ride, service will be interrupted on Trambesòs line T4 from Glòries to Ciutadella l Vila Olímpica and the timetable will also be affected on lines T5 and T6 from 9 am to 11 am.

    These times are approximate and will depend on the ride and its organisers.


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  • TRAM and Associació Casal Infantil la Mina celebrate 10 years working together

    Tramvia de Barcelona and Associació Casal Infantil la Mina in Sant Adrià de Besòs have renewed their agreement for the tenth year in a row, reaffirming their joint efforts to promote childhood wellbeing through activities with children, their families and the community.

    The general manager of TRAM Operadora, Joaquim Bestit, and the representative of the association’s board, Xènia Martínez, signed this collaboration agreement once again this year, ensuring the children’s after-school programme will receive financial support from TRAM for its activities in 2018.

    With this monetary donation and help disseminating the community actions through TRAM facilities and communication channels, over the past ten years the La Mina after-school programme has been able to run five editions of its Magic Kings Magic Camp, nine of its Game Day, festivals and celebrations for the neighbourhood of Sant Adrià, and nine editions of Children’s Rights Week, among other activities.

    Associació Casal Infantil la Mina is a non-profit organisation set up by residents in the district to provide free-time activities for children in the La Mina neighbourhood of Sant Adrià de Besòs. It is comprised of a group of families in the neighbourhood, former users, people with emotional ties to the neighbourhood and other social activists who volunteer their time and hope to work together to improve the social and educational level in La Mina.


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  • 2nd International Wheelchair Tennis Tournament in Barcelona

    TRAM and the Step by Step Foundation have signed a collaboration agreement for the second TRAM Barcelona Open, the international wheelchair tennis tournament, which will be held in Barcelona from 27 June to 1 July 2018. This international sporting event stresses personal merit and overcoming adversity. It was started last year in the city of Barcelona, promoted by the Johan Cruyff Foundation as one of the most important international adapted-sports events.

    Tramvia de Barcelona General Manager Humberto López Vilalta and Step by Step Foundation General Manager Natalia Bettonica signed the new agreement at the headquarters of the Johan Cruyff Foundation, with the director of this organisation, Pati Roura. Thanks to this collaboration, the second annual TRAM Barcelona Open will go ahead.

    Like last year, the tournament will be held at the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona, which will host various wheelchair-tennis events over the 5 days. In total, 40 players of 15 nationalities will face off in two competition brackets: men and women. These include 6 national players and 25 participants in the global top-50 in their categories.

    Again this year, the slogan of the tournament is "Push the limits", as a tribute to pushing oneself to do the very best, which in this case is reflected in participating players. Thanks to the support from TRAM, Step by Step, the Johan Cruyff Foundation and Real Club de Polo de Barcelona, the event will raise awareness of wheelchair tennis and promote the values of solidarity and social inclusion through sport. Plus, the TRAM Barcelona Open once again puts the Catalan capital on the map of cities that support adapted sports, as this year the tournament is in a higher category (ITF2), with higher level international players.

    The Step by Step Foundation is a non-profit organisation that focuses on rehabilitation for individuals with neurological conditions affecting the central nervous system, spinal injuries in particular. The foundation also works to improve quality of life for those injured doing sport. It is a benchmark in recovery from spinal injuries and renowned for its contribution to improving quality of life for injured athletes, with special focus on reintegration into family life, the workplace, academia, sports and recreation.

    TRAM is participating in the social and sports project to promote this event as part of its commitment to being a socially responsible company. Plus, it is an initiative that is in line with its principles and values, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

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  • TRAM to donate lost glasses to Ramon Martí i Bonet Foundation

    TRAM has signed a collaboration agreement with the Ramon Martí i Bonet ophthalmological foundation to donate all glasses lost in the tram system and not claimed to programmes for blindness prevention and early care and detection of childhood blindness.

    The first donation took place at the Institut Català de la Retina, with TRAM Operadora General Manger Joaquim Bestit giving the president and vice-president of the foundation, Dr Ramón Martí and Dr Rosa Maria Sust, respectively, 46 pairs of eye and sun glasses collected on the two tram networks. All the optical materials will be donated periodically to the organisation to be repaired, reused or recycled to make new glasses.

    The Ramon Martí i Bonet Foundation conducts a variety of solidary actions with the main goal of informing and raising awareness of the precarious situation of people with eye conditions who are at risk of social exclusion or could be after developing the diseases. This non-profit has programmes around Catalonia as well as in Peru, Nicaragua, India, Chad and Ukraine.


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  • TRAM launches campaign for inclusive public transport on International Women’s Day

    To celebrate International Women’s Day, TRAM and the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ATM) are joining a campaign that UITP (International Association of Public Transport) and the World Bank Group are promoting around the world. The campaign raises awareness of the vulnerability women experience on public transport with the slogan: "Per un transport públic inclusiu: Il·luminem-lo!" (For inclusive public transport: Light it up!).

    The advocacy campaign, which calls for "Public transport for me, for you, for all", is the result of a study conducted by the two international organisations, which showed that 80% of women experience harassment on public transport. The study concludes that this is one of the main challenges the world is facing today, and action must be taken urgently to help provide a safe environment for everyone.

    Tramvia de Barcelona will roll out the campaign with posters inside the trams on all lines in the Trambaix and Trambesòs networks and through various informational channels, on the website and on social media. The dissemination materials also include two videos, 20 and 45 seconds long, explaining the motivation behind the campaign to ensure safe public transport for all. The campaign will be on social media with the hashtag #PT4ME.

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  • TRAM to use only green energy supplied by Endesa

    TRAM and Endesa have renewed their supply agreement, ensuring the power supplied will be 100% green in 2018. So, the trams, installations, electric vehicles and other TRAM facilities will receive energy exclusively from renewable sources.

    The renewable origin of the power is guaranteed with an official certificate, ensuring the energy consumed is from hydroelectric plants, solar panels, geothermal sources or highefficiency co-generation plants. With this agreement, TRAM is furthering its commitment to the environment and energy efficiency and seeking even more sustainable solutions.

    In total, the TRAM only uses 14 GWh (gigawatts hours) per year, or 4KWh/km, which is the average yearly consumption of 4,200 Catalan households. Plus, the motors on the trams generate power when they brake, which is used by other trams, further decreasing the amount of electricity used.

    So, as it is a vehicle with 100% electric traction, the TRAM helps improve quality of life for all, as any combustion engine gives off nitrogen oxide (NO) and suspended particles (PM10), which are the main causes of pollution and have a direct effect on our health.

    Users’ response

    According to the Rider Satisfaction Survey that TRAM conducted in 2017, most users said their main reason for using public transport was to have a positive impact on the environment. In general, riders are concerned about pollution and air quality in cities (84.9%).

    The low consumption, commitment to modernising and low impact on the environment are just some of the reasons why one in five Trambaix and Trambesòs riders rate TRAM service as excellent and say they will surely use it for future trips.

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  • TRAM presents campaign to promote safe mobility with cycles and Tramvia de Barcelona

    "Mobilitat segura entre la bici i el TRAM" (Safe mobility with cycles and the TRAM) is the slogan of the new Tramvia de Barcelona campaign to prevent risks and improve co-existence among users. A campaign that is based on the belief that the tram and cycles have a lot in common, in terms of mobility, sustainability and respect for the environment.

    In recent years, the number of people using cycles and other mechanical devices to get around has increased considerably. Although this increase is great news in terms of the sustainability of cities and the personal health of those involved in active mobility, there is room for improvement in the relationship between cyclists and the TRAM, especially in terms of safety and co-existence.

    Tips to avoid dangerous situations and improve co-existence between cyclists and other riders will be shared in a video and other media. These include: always using proper equipment; having a bell and lights so others can see you; not making sudden changes in direction and signalling when you are going to turn or stop; entering tram stations using the designated crossings; waiting for the next tram if it is very full; yielding to pedestrians; and always respecting traffic signals.

    Action with BACC educators

    The campaign, designed to promote safety, co-existence and civic-mindedness among cyclists in the Tramvia de Barcelona area, will take place this month. On 11, 14 and 16 January, several actions will take place to raise awareness. These include educators, who are BACC members (Bicicleta Club de Catalunya - Catalonia Cycle Club), stationed around the network offering tips, informational materials and fluorescent armbands to cyclists in the bike paths closest to the TRAM network.

    This element of the campaign begins today at Plaça de Francesc Macià with Diagonal, Zona Universitària (RACC), Carrer de Pujades with Meridiana, the roundabout on Carrer de la Marina, the roundabout on Carrer de Llevant and at Plaça de les Glòries. The BACC educators will be located in these spots where new bike paths have been added recently today, 11 January, from 8 to 11 am; Sunday 14 January from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm; and Tuesday 16 January from 5:30 to 8:30 pm.


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  • TRAM sets new record with one million passengers more than in 2016

    Tramvia de Barcelona transported a total of 28 million passengers in 2017, more than ever before and up 4.26% from the previous year. Specifically, 27,959,095 people rode the TRAM; 18.2 million on Trambaix (up 3.08%) and more than 9.7 million on Trambesòs (up 6.56%).

    The data from this past year, in addition to showing the TRAM is just about to hit 28 million passengers, demonstrate an upwards trend, taking into account that the number of tickets validated has risen one million each year since 2012.

    Since the TRAM went into service in 2004, more than 305.6 million passengers have used the Tramvia de Barcelona service. The Trambaix network, with three lines (T1, T2 and T3) and 29 stops, has a higher demand and has been used by more than 210 million passengers since it began operations. The Trambesòs network, which also has three lines (T4, T5 and T6) and 27 stops, has been used by nearly 97 million passengers.

    The Trambaix network went into service on 3 April 2004 and Trambesòs did so on 8 May of the same year. The number of Tramvia de Barcelona riders has grown steadily since it began operations, except for 2010 and 2012, when there was some stagnation.

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